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Current Newsletter
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  Summer 2017

Photo by Linda
August 21, 2017

Like millions of other Americans in August, I looked forward to the total solar eclipse which swept across the country. My husband and I drove to Lovell, Wyoming and the morning of the event drove south. There in the path of totality we found a secluded hill above 7400 feet with a 360-degree view - no people, no houses, no vehicles and only the local deer for company.

The following day I had a long adventure with the Pryor Mountain wild horses near (and within) the Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area. With an expert guide who knew all their names, we hiked and saw approximately 50 different horses. I expected to see somewhat mangy looking animals but these mountain horses looked like they had just come from an expert groomer. Descended from Spanish Colonial horses which arrived in the 1500s, the Pryor Mountain wild horses have roamed these mountains for more than 200 years.

For more information see: http://pryormustangs.org/



Track Team   10" x 30"   $2,850.

Range Runners - Wild Horse Series
24" x 48"   $12,000

American Oystercatcher
12" x 9"   $1,500.

24" x 30"   $7000.

Latest Sporting Dog commission - SOLD

Aug 1 - Sept 30 Artists for Conservation Touring Exhibit, Lanwan Art Museum, Qingdao City, CHINA

Sept 15 - 16 Jackson Hole Art Auction - Masters of the American West, Jackson Hole, WY

Nov 9 - 13 Artists for Conservation, Vancouver B.C., CANADA www.natureartists.com

Nov 10 - Dec 9 Oil Painters of America Western Regional, Illume Gallery of Fine Art, St. George, Utah

*Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2018 Safari Club International, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booths 3076, 3078, 3175, 3177

*Feb 23 - 25 , 2018 NatureWorks, Renaissance Hotel, Tulsa, OK www.natureworks.org

*Linda attending

15908 E. Cooper Rd., Mead, WA 99021     (509) 238-9129    Website www.BesseArt.com     Linda@BesseArt.com

Past Newsletter
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  Winter/Spring 2017

Wyoming pronghorn
Photo by Linda, Feb. 2017
  As I am writing this, we are on the cusp of Spring. It has been a long winter with snow on the ground at our house since before Thanksgiving. I have been traveling to shows and my road trip to the NatureWorks show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, gave me a chance to try out my new Canon camera body. It performed flawlessly, and any reference photos which aren’t perfect are due solely to operator error!


Center Stage
18" x 12"   $2,100.

33" x 44"   $17,500.

24" x 20"   $4,000.

Snow Day
11.5" x 18"   $2,100.

Cat Naps
10" x 17"   $2,100.

11" x 15"   $1,500.

While I wait for my 1000 bulbs to bloom, I wish you a wonderful
Spring filled with beautiful surprises.

March 22 -
April 1
Florida, Sanibel Island & surrounds
Birds and wildlife research

May 24 -
June 28
Louisa Gould Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, MA.
Linda will be in attendance.
Special Opening May 28th 5-8 pm.
Linda’s new works of Sea, Sand, & Shore

Moonlit Moose
6.75" x 11.75"  SOLD

15908 E. Cooper Rd., Mead, WA 99021     (509) 238-9129    Website www.BesseArt.com     Linda@BesseArt.com