Lord and Master
ORIGINAL OIL by Linda Besse
30" X 48"

Giclée canvas prints available
Limited Edition 60 s/n 15" X 24", $250.
Collector's Edition 10 s/n 30" X 48", $900.
Scanned directly from the original and created using some of today's finest fine art equipment, inks, and canvas. 11 Color Giclée Printermaker X-12 with EnduraChrome inks on Premium 18 ml Satin Canvas. Hand Applied UV coating.

While in Colorado, I ran across this bull elk. He had such majesty and certainly was Lord and Master of his domain. Every time a cow or calf would try to leave the water, he would bugle and chase them back into the river. Then he would feed on the shore, rest, and wait until the next tried to escape up on the bank. Quite the showman!