Intruder Alert
ORIGINAL OIL by Linda Besse
36" X 60"

Giclée canvas prints available
Limited Edition 65 s/n 10.8" X 18", $150.
Collector's Edition 10 s/n 36" X 60", $1250.
Scanned directly from the original and created using some of today's finest fine art equipment, inks, and canvas. 11 Color Giclée Printermaker X-12 with EnduraChrome inks on Premium 18 ml Satin Canvas. Hand Applied UV coating.
The leopard has been called the most "cat like" of the cats. In this painting I envisioned a leopard on a hunt interrupted by the warning call of a hornbill or a chacma baboon. The leopard's surprise attack is thwarted, but maybe the irritating tattletale will now become dinner.