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Winter 2021

It would be safe to say that 2020 is not a year any of us expected. From front line workers to small businesses, daily lives have been uprooted. And there are loved ones around the world who are no longer with us and ones who are still suffering from illness.

While it might seem best to forget the year entirely, we can remember the bright spots which shone even more: receiving an unexpected kind word, chances to connect and reconnect by all sorts of digital methods, wildlife spotted in areas which previously were too crowded, a chance to slow down and take stock, and the enriching joy of extending a hand (figuratively) to someone else.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and I wish you the very best for 2021.

Linda’s painting Ice Bear
won Best Animal Award at the
15th Annual
International Guild of Realism
National Show.

Out of 4941 entries from 83 countries, Linda’s painting
Ice Bear
is one of 1155 finalists in the 15th Annual Art Renewal Center Salon

I’ve heard from a number of you that you enjoy seeing works in progress. If you haven’t had a chance to read my blog, www.besseart.blogspot.com,
many of my paintings are posted there showing a step-by-step progression.

2020 American Art Award Winner

Linda’s paintings were widely recognized for awards determined by 25 galleries and museums across the country.
Human Figure: The Violinist, 5th place
Realistic Animal: Ice Bear, 3rd place
Realism/Impressionism + Landscape w/Life: Unexpected, 6th place
Introduction to Fine Art, 2nd place
The beginning of December, my husband and I drove the 45 minutes to Lake Coeur d’Alene to sit on the shore and watch bald eagles diving for land-locked spawning salmon. One tree was Eagle Central, usually holding at least five mature eagles at a time. We positioned ourselves directly across the small bay and watched until the sun set. Of course after that exciting afternoon, I had to go back for another viewing. Below are some of the reference photos I took on the two trips.



My shows have been postponed or cancelled for the first quarter of 2021. Know that I am busy at my easel and as things start to open up, I will have details of my upcoming events and shows.

Some really fun news!
With most of us having to limit our travel in 2020, I have started on a new oil painting project, an
Armchair Safari.
See page 2 of this newsletter for details and my latest paintings.

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Explore the World from the comfort of your home

Linda Besse is creating an Armchair Safari!

Inspired from her travels from Africa to Iceland, the Arctic to the Antarctic, the Old World to New Zealand,
each original oil painting, whether it is a far-flung location or something she saw in her backyard,
captures a special moment in time.

These are the first ones off Linda’s easel.


Linda's Armchair Safari
brings the adventure home!


Runway    8.5" x 12"     $1350


Jag    8.25" x 11"     $1200

Feast     15" x 24"     $3750

Salmon Fishing    17.75" x 26"     $3600

Wood Pile     12" x 18"     $2100
Inspired by a ruffed grouse in my back yard

15908 E. Cooper Rd., Mead, WA 99021     (509) 238-9129    Website www.BesseArt.com     Linda@BesseArt.com

Past Newsletter
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Fall 2020

This past summer our front deck became a huge pool party.... for our local birds. It seems word got around the feathered community that not only did we have four hummingbird feeders and a large black sunflower seed feeder, but we also had a large rock-filled bird bath with fresh water continuously bubbling during the day. Word traveled a bit further than we planned as we had a surprise evening visitor to our suspended bird feeder, a black bear.

He proceeded to demonstrate how very flimsy heavy gauge metal mesh can be!

I hope during these challenging times you have created new ways to appreciate the beauty around you... even if it comes with a mangled sunflower seed feeder.

Photo by Linda
Black-headed grosbeak

Some of the steps in creating Spooked:

Linda’s painting
Whaling Remnants
has been chosen as the January image for the
Artists for Conservation 2021 calendar



Water's Edge
9" x 12"   $1400

The Song
16" x 12"   $1950

Spooked    24" x 36"   $8500.


August 13 - Oct 3 Oil Painters of America Virtual Salon Show www.oilpaintersofamerica.com
October 2 - 31 International Guild of Realism, Principle Gallery, Charleston, S.C. www.principlegallery.com
November 2 - 29 National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society Best of America Show, St. Augustine, FL. www.noaps.org

15908 E. Cooper Rd., Mead, WA 99021     (509) 238-9129    Website www.BesseArt.com     Linda@BesseArt.com