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I am pleased to announce that I have joined the International Snow Leopard Trust in their exciting new Artists for Conservation Partnership Program (ACPP). By becoming a part of this program, I have committed to support the work of the Trust and help spread the news of their efforts to save the endangered snow leopard. This is a natural fit for me because I feel a deep attachment to the animals I paint. especially the world's big cats.

I want to bring particular attention to the International Snow Leopard Trust because the Trust works in unique concert with the indigenous peoples to maintain habitat as well as providing economic incentive for the locals to keep the cats alive in the wild. I am particularly impressed with the Trust's insightful use of the local community support in Mongolia and the Kyrgyz Republic. By creating an outlet for the selling of their local handicrafts with the condition that no snow leopard is killed within the area, the needs of the local people are balanced with the conservation of the leopards. I encourage you to visit their website www.snowleopard.org for more details. With only 3500 - 7000 of these magnificent cats left in the wild, I appreciate the dedicated work of wildlife conservation groups like the International Snow Leopard Trust.

As a special offer, if you are not yet a member of the International Snow Leopard Trust, you are eligible for a discounted membership because of your association with my work. The membership is only $15 (regular membership is $35). Just print this page and fill out, detach and return the support form below. Or go to http://www.snowleopard.org/shop/donate.php and join on-line. In addition, I am offering 10% off my Originals, Prints, Safari Shirts and Art Cards for those who are members of the International Snow Leopard Trust. You can see my most recent work and all of my fine art products at www.besseart.com.

I thank the International Snow Leopard Trust for this opportunity to join them to preserve the endangered snow leopard. I look forward to our partnership program and hope that you too, will join them in their efforts


Linda Besse


YES! I will join Linda Besse and support the International Snow Leopard Trust's mission to protect snow leopards and their habitat.
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