Originals - Sea, Sand & Shore

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Tail As Old As Time

Waiting For You (sold)

After the Storm

Wind in My Sail

East Chop Buoy 23 (sold)

The Seas Did Rage (sold)

Buoy Six (sold)

Buoy Twenty-Three (sold)

Take a Deep Breath (sold)

Stained Glass (sold)

Harbor Master (sold)

Duet (sold)

Harvest from the Sea (sold)

Wave Length (sold)

Joy Ride (sold)

Waiting (sold)

Bell Ringer #2 (sold)

My Island Home (sold)

Lobster Village (sold)

Cape Pogue Lighthouse (sold)

Wasque Fishing

Bell Ringer (sold)

Beach Umbrella #1

Beach Umbrella #2

Beach Umbrella #3

Beach Umbrella #4

Survivor - Piping Plover

Summer Shadows

Lovely Day for a Sail (sold)

Tranquil (sold)

Building Blocks (sold)

Vineyard Colors

Fog Lifting (sold)

Reflection (sold)

Stripes and Solids (sold)

Summer Reading

Painted Cliffs (sold)

Sailing the North Shore - Shenandoah (sold)

Tracks - Wild Roses (sold)

Old Glory

Reef Watcher (sold)

Breath of Fresh Air (sold)

By the Seashore

Old Salt (sold)

Emily Post Gardens

Summer Place

Red Sail (sold)

Fishing Village (sold)

Good Harbor (sold)

Waves (sold)

Turnstones (sold)

Cottages (sold)

Cottage City - Front Porch (sold)

Cottage City - Pink Hearts (sold)

Sands of Time (sold)

Yellow + Blue Buoy (sold)

Dry Docked (sold)

Rigging (sold)


The Cast (sold)

Fish On (sold)

Dinner Tonight (sold)

Last Boat

Breaking Wave

Star Light, Star Bright

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