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Loaded for Bear

Sunset Silhouette

Ice Bear


Light and Shadow


Stealth - Amur Tiger


West Wind

Fencing Team (sold)

Uninvited Guests (sold)

Eye on the Prize

Dust Bath (sold)

Five Muskox

One Step Away

In Pursuit

STOLEN! Tundra Thunder STOLEN!

Desert Gems

Freedom (sold)

Water Lord


Where There's a Will


Stars and Stripes Forever (sold)

Looking Over the Menu


Track Team (sold)

Handle with Care

Range Runners
Prints available


Kopje Kingdom (sold)


Center Stage (sold)

Cat Naps (sold)

Snow Day (sold)

Someone to Watch Over Me

Winter Solstice (sold)

Cheek to Cheek (sold)

Morning Mist (sold)

Day (sold)

Movement (sold)

Mirrored (sold)

Timeless (sold)

Sister Act (sold)

White Hunter (sold)

Call of the Wild (sold)

Mountain Glory (sold)

Grevy's Times Two

His High-ness (sold)

Jungle King (sold)

Emergence - Zebra I & Zebra II (sold)

Paired - Leopard & Lion (sold)


Bighorn Basin (sold)

Not Backing Down



African Big Cat Trio (sold)

Chairman of the Board (sold)

Outgunned (sold)

Gold Rush (sold)

Moonlight Paint

Arctic King

Beneath the White Mountain (sold)

Tundra Gold

Prime Spot (sold)

Zebra Time

Giraffe & Company (sold)
Prints available

Battle Royale
Prints available

Night Patrol (sold)
Prints available

Serengeti Silhouette

Cat-a-mount (sold)
Prints available

Moose Lake

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